Memory Waste combines equal parts of Creep and Rock to create an entirely new genre of music: Creep Rock. With songs about radio cooking programs, stalking, dating websites, cycling, bus fare evasion and moralistic tyre slashing you are guaranteed a zany and quirky experience. An Australian singer-rapper-songwriter, Memory Waste has been recording and performing in Australia, Germany and Austria since 2010 and has been played on a number of radio stations including Triple J Unearthed, ABC Adelaide, Radio Adelaide and AMR.FM radio.

A prolific songwriter, Memory Waste delivers lyrics that are sometimes funny, sometimes touching, but always real.   Comparisons to Johnny Cash, The Knife, Flight of the Conchords and Jens Lekman would be readily welcomed by him, although all such comparisons are unfortunately yet to be made. Memory Waste has delighted crowds with intimate live performances, blending country grooves, hip-hop and good old-fashioned pop melodies to accompany his silken words. The music is catchy, full of lyrical gems, and reminds you that although you didn't become the person you had hoped you would when you were young, the grown-up world is full distractions which you can embrace to stop this disappointment from stinging too much...

Memory Waste's self-titled EP (2013) was co-written and produced with German producer Mathias Götz.. Check out the songs on Triple J Unearthed, and the video clips on Youtube.

2013 performance at the This Is Not Art Festival, Newcastle, Australia. Photo credit: Nicolaus Raymond Bay Wand

Memory Waste’s self-titled EP (2013). Get it here!

The video for Ride All Night, from Memory Waste’s debut EP.